Dear Crochet Buddy and Internets,

I need some help!  I found a beautiful pattern for African Violets but I have no idea what to do with the flowers now that they’re done!


I’ve tried three different colour palettes with a light shade of purple, pink, or blue in the middle, and a darker ring toward the outside.  The base for all three is Cascade 220 Paints in Paradise Beach, which I love and have used in at least four projects so far.


I could put all the hexagons together into an afghan, but that seems like it could be a bit busy.


I think I’d like to maybe find a nice neutral color and make an afghan with hexagons like these scattered throughout.  They’re easy and fun to make though, so maybe I will stockpile more before I make a decision.

Slightly better lighting.

Any ideas or input would be greatly appreciated!  To recreate the pattern I have here, use these two sites.




3 thoughts on “African Violet Hexagons

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