Last night, my crochet buddy got me all riled up about future projects and we fed each other’s obsession with a good hour or two of crochet and yarn talk/brainstorming.  As masters students writing our dissertations, constant stress is the norm and we use crochet as our outlet, usually accompanied by a cheesy movie or two.  Among the myriad other projects that we want to make, the most exciting and easily do-able was a possible present for a dissertation advisors at the end of this ordeal.

Following inspiration from this beautiful site, we bought little teapots at the pound store today and found some coordinating wool.   Settling in with “Drive Angry,” an amazing gem of a Nicholas Cage movie, we set to following the pattern, which is very clear and easy to use.

So proud of my silly little cosy.

As usually happens with me, I stopped looking at the pattern about halfway through and started fudging my way along.  I am quite pleased with the result, but as I didn’t use the pattern all the way through, there is probably a better way than I ended up using.

We started with smaller pots so we eyeballed the length of the chain and went one row too far above the spout.  Thus the somewhat messy section above the spout and the row of single crochets around it.

Spout and part of awkward clump above.

The back is the part I will have to mess with further before it makes me happy, but the one side is much shorter because I slanted my double crochets in the wrong direction.  Oops.  Again the single crochet edging because that’s what I can do.  I also finished the top with a row of single crochet because it was easy to decrease just a skosh and didn’t interfere with the lid.

Teapot butt and major oops.

Lid, where go the delicious teas.

My friend will hopefully post her cosy on here as well, although her crochet had the opposite problem mine did and wound up fitting a bigger teapot.  She used the colors that were meant to go on the little blue pot, and I think I will buy a little white or pink one that matches my yarn colors better before I gift it.  I think this one is good enough to share with my advisor, but I have no idea if she likes pinks!  The colors on my computer camera are truly awful, so hopefully a better one can be used in future.  Also, sorry about my fat head in every picture!

Cosy cosy cosy! And fat head!

Yum, tea!  And now it will be warm for longer and rather stylish.


5 thoughts on “My First Tea Cozy!

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